Monday, May 3, 2010

Queen Anne Chest of Drawers c1710

This is a restoration job recently completed for a customer. It's a shame I neglected to take a photo BEFORE the work was done. Still a very nice piece and increasingly rare these days. Extensive repairs were carried out to the drawers and top, then the piece was waxed. The feet have been replaced by Georgian looking ones......but that could have been done over 100 years ago! The brassware is a copy of some original brass from a Chest of a similar age.........

A bit of Fun!

This is a set of skittles I made for my son. I looked around for some first, but found none of the right size or weight. The skittles are made of Ash and are 20% smaller than regulation. The Beech wood ball is 6" in diameter and made by joining two pieces of wood and mounting the block on a lathe. The skittles are made of 4" stock, also turned on a lathe. The set is then finished with oil and wax to form a durable coating........A good distraction for the kids this Summer.