Monday, September 28, 2009

Regency Dining table- c1820- SOLD

 This table is of superb quality with examples of its style becoming more and more difficult to find. The table works on a telescopic 'pull out' system, a method which in later years was replaced by the Victorian winding mechanism.
The 3 replacement leaves have been extremely well matched as shown. The table forks, a means of holding the table together are all present and the table benefits from an extra leg in the middle for support purposes.

The table will comfortably accommodate 12 people and will add a touch of elegance to any dining room.

  • Open Length- 105 3/4" (2686mm)
  • Closed Length-49 1/2" (1269mm)
  • Leaf 1 size- 19 1/2" (495mm)
  • Leaf 2 size- 18 1/2" (470mm)
  • Leaf 3 size- 18 1/4" (464mm)
  • Width- 48 3/4" (1238mm)
  • Height- 29 1/2" (749mm) 
  • Height under rails- 24 1/2" (622mm)
Please make further inquiries as to the price of this item as it is currently for sale in another outlet.

Edwardian Dining Table- circa 1900- SOLD

This 2 leaf wind out table would look impressive in any dining room. It is extremely robust as all show wood is made from high quality Oak. The top is 'quarter sawn' and retains its original leaves giving it an attractive fleck. The table will seat a comfortable ten and a more intimate 12!

 The internal runners are of Mahogany, a sign of quality and the reeded legs are terminated in original castors. The piece is finished in a medium golden oak colour and has been french polished.

The table is in extremely good working order with no 'sag' to the rails or any wear to the winding mechanism.
The dimensions are-
Closed-length 59 1/2" (1512mm)
Open- Length 96" (8ft) (2438mm)
Width- 47 1/2" (1220mm)
Height- 29" (737mm)
Height under rails- 24" (610mm)


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Early Georgian Corner Cabinet- SOLD

An extremely old piece, this rustic cupboard dates from around 1750. The carcass work is made from Elm including the back boards and shelves. The show wood is made from English Oak and has a beautiful patina. The lock and key are functional and the piece has been enhanced by beeswax. The dimensions are-
  • Width- 25 1/2" (648mm) 
  • Height- 38" (965mm)
  • Depth- 12 1/2" (313mm)

Please click on the images for a larger view

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Georgian Country Oak Bureau

This bureau dates from around 1800 and is of beautiful proportion. It is constructed in an early Georgian style hinting at its provincial origins. The colour is a rich golden oak and the bureau has benefited from a full wax polish. The handles are Victorian and are not original, but have been on the piece for at least 100 years.

The inside of the bureau has 12 drawers, each with an original ring handle. Also there are 3 evenly spaced pigeon holes. The lock and key work well and the inside, once again has been waxed. The dimensions are-
Width- 37 1/4 " (946mm)
Height- 42 1/4" (1073mm)
Depth- 20 1/4" (514mm)
Price............ £550.00